eClaims - Workers' Compensation Attachment Guidelines

To submit an eClaim from MacPractice to Change Healthcare follow these steps:

1. Before creating eClaim create Paperwork segment

  • Go to Patient Ability, click Ledger tab, select Incident from list, click Resource tab • Click ‘+’ button and choose Paperwork from menu then click Add.
  • Click the Paperwork disclosure triangle to reveal more detail.
    • Attachment Control Number - enter patient account number, e.g. 215-1
    • Attachment Transmission Code - choose ‘Electronically Only’
    • Attachment Type Code - choose ‘Support Data for Claim’
  • Save

2. Create eClaim

3. Send eClaim to Change Healthcare

4. Login to Change Healthcare Portal - Within a few hours the claim should be visible.

5. In Claims and Tracking tab, select ‘Find WC Needing Attachments’. The Attachment Status filter should default to ‘Pending’ and Change Healthcare processing date range to the past 7 days; click Search. If necessary you can search for eClaims by trace number, processed date, or patient name.

6. Select checkbox for eClaim pending attachment and click ‘Add Attachments’ button. 

Attachment Methods - Change Healthcare offers the following attachment processing options:

  • Upload tiff formatted file to eClaim on Change Healthcare’s portal
  • Print unique fax cover page from Change Healthcare’s portal and fax to Change Healthcare (844-608-4510) including file(s) to to be attached to the eClaim.

NOTE: Once you have sent the eClaim to Change Healthcare you have 14 business days to upload attachments otherwise the eClaim will be rejected.

7. From the Report Type menu choose 'Support Data'.

8. Browse for .tiff file of attachment you are uploading or click ‘Fax Cover Page’ button to
view/print. If uploading .tiff files click ‘Upload Files’ button.

Fax Cover Page Example:

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