Primary & Secondary Tab - Name

Enter the names of the primary and secondary guarantor on the account. Keep in mind that edits to this information will affect all patients in the account. The guarantor's name will pull onto things like Notes, Forms, and claims. It also displays and is searchable in the Patient sidebar. 

Use the triangle next to the Last Name field to select an existing patient or guarantor for a new account, or to erase the data in the tab. 

Quickly copy names and addresses from one tab to another by holding Option on the keyboard and clicking on the tab where the information should be sent. You may also choose to enable a preference to automatically have names update if the relationship between the guarantor and the patient is set to Self. Last, if a new patient record is created from the Schedule ability, the patient's name will automatically populate in this field.  

Many financial items work on an account level, such as statements, and will run based off of the name in the Primary tab. This would apply to things like the Statement Manager and some reports.

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