Patient Tab - Provider and Office

The Patient Provider is usually listed as the provider the patient sees most often. However, some offices choose to leave this set to None, which will require staff members to select the correct user as they enter in data throughout the patient's visit. 

This provider will be used by default for most new records created for that patient, such as new charges, appointments, prescriptions, and forms. This can always be changed on the fly in the event the patient sees another provider for a single visit. Many reports will also be filtered by the patient provider.

If an office has multiple office references, a default office can be set for a patient as well. As with the provider, change this is on the fly during the patient's visit if they are visiting a different location. This office will pul into most new records created for the patient.

  • Pulls into the new charge window and becomes the charge provider and office for all new procedures and charges entered for a patient as long as there is no provider set in the fee schedule. Please note that if a change is made to the provider in the charge window and subsequent charges are added, MacPractice will continue using the new provider.
  • Can be set as the default payment provider and office. This is a preference in Ledger > Payments > General.
  • The Patient Provider be set as the provider shown on claims for all claims created for a specific charge provider, as set in that charge provider's User reference.
  • Will pull into new appointments as the default appointment provider if there is no resource provider.
  • Will pull into new prescriptions and medications as the defaults in the Rx and Optical abilities.
  • Will be printed on any optical prescriptions, unless the optical provider is set to None.
  • Will pull into new patient EMR forms by default.
  • Filters the following Insurance reports: Patients By Insurance and Appointment Type, Patients By Insurance Carrier, Patients With Multiple Coverages, Patients With No Insurance, Patients with Remaining Coverage, and Prior Authorization Report.
  • Filters the following Management reports: Archived Patients, Deleted Patients, Duplicate Patients, Last Visit Report, and Printed Encounter Forms.
  • Filters the following Marketing reports: Follow-Up Report, Patients, Patients By Age, Patients By Birthday, Patients By Emails, Patients By Problem List and Medication, Patients By Status, Patients By Zip Code, Patients with No Transactions, and Treatment Plans.
  • Filters the Referrals reports: Transitioned Patient From and Transitioned Patient To.

Dental practices will also have a field for the patient's preferred hygienist. This field is informational, though the Perio charting includes hygienist information. 

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