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The Note Templates node lets users generate custom documents like welcome letters, referral letters, or even simple progress notes for patients. This node appears in several abilities in MacPractice and works the same way throughout. There are a few options for printing Notes; however, certain fields only work when printing from a specific place, such as EMR narratives or appointment data.

More information on the Notes ability can be found here.

Note: We have updated the MacPractice software to shift the Lists in the drawer into a separate location. You can now find your Lists in the Lists Window, accessible from the Window Menu.
You can read more about the changes in Build 11 here.

Patients, Schedule & Lists
In the Patients and Schedule Abilities, print a single item for a patient by dragging and dropping the patient name or appointment onto the Note Template in the sidebar. Another method is to select the form and press the plus button on the top of the sidebar, with or without a patient selected, to create the document.

Print content for a group of patients by using the drawer or a sidebar node. Create a list of patients manually or through the Make List button in a report. Then drag the list from the drawer, or an entire node from the sidebar, onto the title of the note. This will produce one note per patient, such as welcome letters for every new patient appointment.

The narrative from provider forms can easily be transferred onto Note Templates to create items like referral letters. The EHR, EMR or EDR narratives can be used in a note template. Simply drag the selected completed patient form onto the note template. The note template must have the EHR pull field to work with the EHR template, or the EMR/EDR pull field to work with those abilities.

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