Account Tab - Account Statements

Exempt Finance Charge
Selecting this checkbox prevents the account from being charged a finance charge in Statement Manager. For more information on how finance charges are issued, click here.

Installment Amount
The Installment Amount field is used with the Installment statement forms. Those forms must be enabled and set as default in order to pull the proper information. If the patient's balance is greater than the installment amount listed on the account, the installment amount will be listed instead. This is useful if you wish to set up a payment plan for your patient, but do not wish to use the Contract Billing feature.

Percent Discount (%)
If you wish to issue a flat-rate percentage discount on all charges entered in the account, enter the amount here. The percentage discount will automatically show in the new charge window. It will not place an adjustment of any kind on the ledger. Some offices prefer to have the discount display for the patient; in this case, use negative adjustment. 

The Discount Report displays information on discounts given to patients, based on the Percent Discount field in the Account tab.

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