Patient Tab - Address

Use these fields to record the patient demographic data. This will pull onto any form looking for the Patient's Address such as envelopes and postcards. None of these fields are required upon creation of the account, which allows users to enter referrals with names only.

Street Address and Suite/Apt Number

City, State, and Zip 
If the Zip Code exists in the Reference, entering this will automatically fill in City and State. Set MacPractice to allow alpha-numeric entries in the localization settings. 

The Country field is designed for addresses outside of The United States. If the address is in the USA, US Territories, or Canada, this box should remain blank. This is especially when working with eClaims, as incorrect codes will cause a rejection

Email Address
This is where the most reliable Email Address for the patient should be entered. Use this data to generate lists of patient emails for exporting. This is also used for sending patient appointment reminders through AutoRemind. 

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