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The Forms node lets users generate patient-related forms like postcards and address labels on the fly. This node appears in several abilities in MacPractice and works similarly throughout the software. There are a few options for printing forms.

The Forms node displays forms that were activated in the References Ability. Offices may choose to have custom forms created or use the Forms Builder to create their own.

You can print a single item for a patient by dragging and dropping the patient name or appointment onto the Form in the sidebar. Another method is to select the desired form and press the plus button on the top of the sidebar, with or without a patient selected, to create the form.

You can print forms for a group of patients by using the drawer or a sidebar node.
Note: If you are on MacPractice Build 11 and up, we've made some changes to the drawer that you can read about here. All the functionality is largely the same, but you'll access the Lists Window via the Windows Menu instead.

To generate forms for a group of patients, you'll first create a list of patients manually or through the Make List button in the Reports Ability. Then, you'll need to drag the created list from the drawer (or Lists Window), or an entire node from the sidebar, onto the form. This will generate one form per patient in the list, such as envelopes for all patients who receive a statement this month.

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