Patient Selector

The Patient Selector is a prominent feature in most Abilities in the MacPractice software. By clicking the Patient Selector, a window will appear that allows you to search for and select a patient's account. 

Note: In MacPractice 12.11 and above, we've made some changes to how the Patient Selector behaves. You can read more about it here.


You can search for patients by entering the their first name, last name, account number, phone number, or date of birth into the search field at the top of the Patient Selector window.

If a patient is already currently selected, their name will appear by default, along with some demographic information and the alert indicator. 

If there are any alerts on the patient account, you'll see a yellow or red triangle with an exclamation point. You can click the exclamation icon to show any Patient or Account alerts. 

To de-select a patient, you can simply click the circled X in the Patient Selector to the right of the patient picture. 

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