Digital Radiography & Imaging 1 - Setup


The Digital Radiography Ability (also known as the Imaging Ability for medical clients) is a purchased ability that can be added to MacPractice. To activate this ability, you will need to fetch your license by clicking the MacPractice Menu, selecting Preferences, then locating Abilities in the sidebar. Finally, click Fetch License. You will be prompted to log out of MacPractice to activate the new features.

After you have activated the DR ability, right click in the toolbar of MacPractice and select Customize. Find the DR or Imaging Ability and drag it into the desired position in your toolbar.

Try using the Shared Layouts node within the sidebar to get a head start on a layout. Click the Download button on a layout that you will use.

The setup of the DR Ability will be completed in the Layouts node within the sidebar. All downloaded layouts will appear in this node. Each blue box is a placeholder for an image in the DR Ability. Double click on the first box to view the settings. Give the box an image number or a Capture Order. You will also notice the Preset dropdown. This will allow you to have an image rotate by default when imported into MacPractice. This is useful as many times a sensor will be flipped upside down or twisted to take an image on the opposite side of the mouth. If your placeholder will always show the same teeth, enter tooth numbers into the box separated by a comma.

Continue to setup each of the placeholders within the layout. Once complete, navigate to the Patient Selector and select a test patient within your database. Select the Patients with Visits node from the sidebar and click the green plus in the center of the screen. From the detail window, presets are working correctly when importing the images, If an image was rotated incorrectly navigate back into the layout from the sidebar and correct the preset. Continue to test out the preset until everything is perfect.

Continue with this process until all your layouts have been made. If the shared layouts do not have what you are looking for, you can create a layout from scratch. Simply select the Layout node in the sidebar and click the green plus in the sidebar.

You will notice that the only required filed is the name of the layout. You can also add a description and a sensor if desired. Click the green plus to add a new image placeholder into the layout. This placeholder can be changed in size and location to match you preferred layout. The remaining setup is the same as when you are using a shared layout.

After all layouts are complete, navigate to the MacPractice Preferences by using the MacPractice menu. Select Digital Radiography or Imaging in the sidebar then set the default or most used layout for new visits in this window.

There is a feature that comes built into your computer that is very useful for viewing DR images with a patient. Open System Preferences by using the Apple menu then locate Accessibility and select Zoom from the sidebar. Change the zoom style to Picture in Picture and click More Options. In the following screen, click to adjust the size and location. A new box will be displayed for you to adjust the size of the magnification tool. Adjust to a good size and click okay.

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