Reputation Marketing

What is Reputation Marketing?
Reputation Marketing puts you in control of your online reputation by delivering feedback and patient reviews in real time.

When purchased, this ability in MacPractice will aggregate the reviews of the office online (from sites like Google Business, or Yelp) and display them in an easy to understand graphical display.

Watch a video on the importance of reputation, schedule a demo, and read more information Here. To purchase Reputation Marketing, call MacPractice at 877-220-8418 and speak with our sales team.

It is important to note that while it accessed and seen in MacPractice, Reputation Marketing is all handled through a company called Reputation Loop. They will handle all troubleshooting and questions about the ability.

How to Use Rep Marketing
Once this features is added to your account, fetch the license in MacPractice Preferences, then add the icon to the toolbar. Right click and select 'Customize Toolbar' to add the Blue Teardrop Smile Icon for Rep. Marketing.

Enter your office's username and password in the Business Login Screen and click the remember me checkbox. Checking this box will autofill the username and password fields as well as placing you directly into the dashboard upon login.

Reputation Loop has a 60 minute inactivity time set on the dashboard, so you will simply need to log in again if the session has expired. 

Review Results
Your Dashboard gives you a breakdown of the survey results you've received from patients.

Request Reviews 
As you can see in the screenshot below the 'Please Select A Patient' and the Request Button are greyed out. This happens when you are not in one mode for a particular patient.


After you have selected a patient in one mode and navigate to the Reputation Marketing ability it will show you the primary mobile phone number as well as the Primary Email for the patient selected. When the client clicks the 'Request Review' button a SMS and eMail is sent to the client. Under the circumstance that a patient is under the age of the 13, it will default the contact information from the primary tab in MacPractice.

Currently it is only possible to request a review for one patient at a time in MacPractice; use the Reputation Loop site directly for more features or information. 

Watch the videos on MacPractice and Reputation Marketing here.

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