How to use Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing is a feature in MacPractice that puts you in control of your online reputation by delivering feedback and patient reviews in real time. It also provides a suite of useful features and different embedding tools that you can incorporate into your social media and webpage.

Reputation Marketing is a purchasable option on your license. You can watch a video on the importance of reputation, schedule a demo, and read more information Here. To purchase Reputation Marketing, please call MacPractice at 877-220-8418 and ask to speak with our sales team.

If you have questions, concerns, or problems please contact Grade.Us for assistance.

Adding Reputation Marketing To Your Toolbar
Once this feature has been added to your MacPractice License, you'll need to fetch your license in MacPractice Preferences. You can do this by navigating to the MacPractice Menu > Preferences > Abilities > Clicking the Fetch License button. This will refresh your license and activate any new abilities that have been added.

Once this is complete, you can add the icon to your MacPractice toolbar. Right click the toolbar, and select 'Customize Toolbar' to add the Blue Teardrop Smile Icon for Rep. Marketing.


Logging in 

When you navigate to the Reputation Marketing Ability, you'll be treated to a splash screen with a login link at the top. There'll also be some basic information for Reputation Marketing for those who haven't purchased the feature yet. 


Click the login link, as shown in the screenshot above. You'll be taken to the login screen where you can enter the e-mail tied to your Grade.Us account and the corresponding Grade.Us password, as Grade.Us is the company that hosts our Reputation Marketing feature. These will be provided by Grade.Us. You can also check the "Remember me?" checkbox to retain this information to avoid the need to login in the future.


If you leave this window alone for 60 minutes, you'll be logged out for inactivity, necessitating logging back in once you return.

The Grade.Us Dashboard 

We'll give a basic overview of the Grade.Us functionality here. 


When you first log into Grade.Us, you'll land on the Dashboard. 

In the upper right hand corner (as long as your MacPractice window is sized large enough) you can see four icons. These assist you with navigating your Grade.Us account. From left to right, the icons are: Account, Alerts, Help Resources, and Log Out.

On the left hand side, the sidebar contains your navigation tabs which will take you to several different areas of Grade.Us's interface. By default, when you log in to Reputation Marketing, you'll land on the Funnel. In order:

  • Funnel: The Funnel contains options to configure your landing page that will encourage your patients to review your office.
  • Widgets: The Widgets area contains several features that can be embedded into your website or outgoing e-mails.
  • Review Requests: Review Requests allow you to manage Review Request e-mail or text campaigns to collect reviews.
  • Reviews: The Reviews area is designed to collect reviews gathered from your Funnel and Review Request campaigns. 
  • Reporting: The Reporting area aggregates all your review data to break down what it means for your office. You can generate and schedule reports here.
  • Links (beta): This feature allows you to link a Google or Facebook account to better enable you to directly respond to feedback from here.

First Time Steps

 If this is your first time using Reputation Marketing, you will be prompted to add a new business. Simply click the "Add a Business" button and a new window will appear prompting you for your business information.



The fields are fairly self explanatory, although you'll want to set a URL Shortname for your business. This will determine how your URL will look for your landing page.

For example, if I had an office named "Awesome Health Care", and I set my URL Shortname to "AwesomeCare", my resulting URL would be: 

You can ignore the Internal ID field. When you're satisfied, click "Submit". This will initialize your profile. If you have multiple offices or locations you would like to configure for, there is a search bar at the top of the Reputation Marketing ability. You can click the search bar to select any of your offices, or you can click the plus icon to add a new one.



The Funnel 

The Funnel is used to customize your landing page to request reviews. By going through this entire Funnel section, you'll have your landing page configured and ready to go.

On the right hand side, you can see a preview of what your landing page will look like. Use this to review your changes and determine what works best for your office.

First, we'll go through the functionality in the Links Tab.

Business Location Info

If this office has just been set up, you'll want to connect your office to a business location. In the upper left hand corner, to the right of the sidebar, you can see the Business Location Info section underneath the Links tab.


Here, you can click Connect Location, which will then bring you to a Google Maps window where you can enter your business name and connect your practice to your geographical location. Use the "Enter a business name" field to locate your office. If you cannot locate it, click the link by "Business not found?" towards the bottom of the window. Once you've selected your office, click the Continue button.


Once your business is located, you'll be presented with several listings from review sites such as Google, Yelp, etc. to verify that these listings match your business. You can check or uncheck these to mark which listings match up to get more accurate information.


When completed, your Business Location Info area will be populated with your office's information, and the Review Site Listings will contain the review sites you left checked from the prior step.

Review Site Listings


Once you have connected your business, you can then add additional review site listings by clicking the Add Listing button underneath the Review Site Listings area. There are several review sites to choose across several industries. We recommend reviewing the options listed underneath Directory, Healthcare, and Social Media, as well as the Local section.

When you select a review site, you will need to provide a URL to your office's listing on the site so that Grade.Us can fetch your reviews from that site. Follow the prompts to complete this.

When your Review Site Listings have all been added, you can make changes. If you wish to re-order the listings, you can drag and drop them into place by clicking and dragging them into the desired order. By clicking the checkbox, you can toggle whether this listing appears in your review funnel or not. You can edit by clicking the pencil icon, or you can remove a listing by clicking the red X.

You can also set up where e-mail notifications go by using the Notifications area underneath the Review Site Listings. You can add additional recipients by clicking the Add button.

Finally, you can add Social Media links to your funnel page by adding in the relevant Social Media information and by checking the "Show social media links" checkbox. By default this is set to be a Social Link bar at the bottom like you've seen on many other pages.

The Content Tab
The Content Tab in the Funnel is where you can more actively customize your funnel page to entice your clients to review your office. 


There are several options underneath the Content Tab if you scroll down.

Underneath "Message To All Visitors", you can edit the text entry for your office in the text editor. The top field will adjust what is displayed above your office name, while the main message box will edit the message that is displayed above the rating selector.

Below that is the Interaction Design area, which allows you to adjust how these review forms appear. In Threshold, you can set a threshold for when to ask clients to write a review, and when to divert clients to privately submit feedback so you can resolve or manage their concerns. This is set to 4 Stars or more by default.

You can customize how your public review request page looks in the Public Review Workflow.

In the Private Feedback Workflow,  you can adjust your Prompt Message, and your Private Feedback request message. Reviews that don't meet the threshold will be presented first with the Prompt Message that suggests clients to address concerns with your office. The Private Feedback Request message is what will appear when you click on this prompt.

You can also adjust the verbiage on the Review Button Labels area.

The Attach an Offer checkbox is used to allow you to attach an additional file to go along with your landing page that includes a special offer to encourage your clients to review. It is important to note here that most review sites frown heavily upon giving rewards for positive reviews!

The Review Stream checkbox will enable a scrolling marquee of recent reviews on the bottom of your landing page. When checked, you'll have three new options revealed that allow you to customize the review stream.

  • Show Reviews: Displays the last ten reviews submitted.
  • Show Aggregate Rating: Tallies all your review listings to compile an average score.
  • Use Reviewer's Last Initial: Displays the initials of the reviewer.

Finally, there is the Contact Info Auto Fill checkbox, which is checked by default. This allows the fields when submitting a review to pull from their browser's saved data, thus making it easier for them to submit a review or feedback.

The Setup Tab

Under the Setup Tab, you can do some more to further customize your landing page.


The first several fields are where you can edit the information you entered when you were first prompted to add a new business in First Time Steps.

The Logo field allows you to add a Logo to your Landing page.  By clicking the Browse... button, you can select a file on your computer. The "Show Business Name Text" checkbox allows you to have a text display of your business name or remove it depending on the needs of your logo and office.

The Language drop down allows you to select the Language for your landing page. There is also a checkbox to Show Multilingual Menu if you'd like to give your clients the option to choose their language.

Brand Color allows you to select a color to better theme your landing page in accordance with your office's branding. This color will be applied to the header of your landing page. By clicking the box on the right of this field, you can use the color picker to select a color. Alternatively, you can use the field to enter a hex color value if you already have a color standardized for your branding.

If you'd like for your brand color to also color the rating buttons of your landing page, you can check the "Apply brand color to buttons" checkbox.

By clicking the Change button underneath the Rating Graphic, you can adjust how your rating icons appear on your landing page.

You can also adjust the Header Image  by clicking the upload button. Note that your Header Image should be of size 1024x138, and will be resized to that size if they aren't already. They must also be less than 450kb, and of a PNG, JPG, or GIF file format. The "Show Business Name Text" underneath the Logo field must also be checked.

Custom CSS and Custom HTML fields are also available. We won't cover those topics here.

Other Settings includes a variety of other options.

The "Show Powered By Link" checkbox allows you to show or hide the "Powered by Grade.Us" link at the bottom of the landing site.

The Use CAPTCHA on forms checkbox can be used to mitigate spam submissions from bad actors. Similarly, the Prevent Search Engine Indexing checkbox will keep your landing page off of regular search results.


The Widgets area contains several elements, or widgets  that you can include and embed in your other branding, such as e-mails and your office webpage.

Landing Page Widget
The Landing Page Widget contains an embed code that can be copied and pasted into the HTML file of your existing website. By doing so, you will embed the landing page to your website, using the configured branding you have chosen in the Funnel Area.


QR Code Widget
The QR Code Widget contains a QR Code that can be printed on flyers and other physical items. This QR Code functions as a real world link to your landing page URL that's easily readable by cellphones. You can download the code by right clicking on the QR Code image and selecting Download Image.

Note that if your landing page URL were to ever change, you would need to re-acquire an updated QR Code from here.


Review Us Button


The Review Us Button is a lightweight alternative to the Landing Page Widget. Instead of your full blown landing page, this widget provides the embed code for a Review Us button that can be placed on your website.

Review Requests
The Review Requests area is primarily used to set up Review Request Campaigns. The goal of these campaigns is to encourage your clients to leave favorable reviews on your landing page. You have the option to schedule when these requests are sent, and your clients are always able to opt out from these received communications.

You can set up e-mail, phone/text, or print campaigns. You'll first need to set up an initial campaign before you have access to all the functions. We recommend setting up an e-mail campaign underneath the Email tab.


In this first window, you'll set up the "From" name for your e-mails, as well as the e-mail address that should be sending these e-mails. You can also set a reply e-mail address so your recipients can contact you back directly.

The "Default Timeframe to send first e-mail" drop down menu will determine when the campaign will begin.

If you would like for recipients to stop receiving these e-mails after they have clicked on the campaign, you can check "Deactivate recipients on click".

Once you've filled out these fields, you can click Continue Email Setup, which will then create the campaign and grant you access to the Recipients Tab.

Recipients Tab
The Recipients Tab is where you can add your intended recipients of a Review Request Campaign. 


When you first begin, you likely won't see any recipients in your list. You can add them to a campaign one at a time via the Add a Recipient button in the upper right hand corner, or if you have a list of all of your patients in a CSV or XLS file, you can click the Upload CSV/XLSX button. You can export a list of patients from the Reports Ability with the Marketing - Patients report.

You'll note the Recipients table is split into several sub-tabs where recipients are categorized into neat groups depending on whether they've received e-mails or are still pending. We won't go into explicit detail on each tab, just remember this if you're looking for a recipient you know you added, you may wish to review the other sub-tabs.



In the Email tab, you can customize the e-mails that will be sent out. On the left hand side you can see several default e-mails already configured for you that you can select by clicking on them, while the middle section allows you to edit the e-mail that is currently selected.

The right hand side underneath Email settings allow you to edit the name and e-mail that you set when you initially created the e-mail campaign. There are also several placeholders available that you can copy and paste into the e-mail text to better personalize your e-mails.



In the Phone/Text tab, you can set up a Text Message campaign. When you first visit this tab, you'll be prompted to add a new phone number to send texts from. Once you have done this, you can then follow a similar workflow as the E-mail Tab. You can create new messages in the left side of the tab, customize your review request text in the middle, and utilize the placeholders to personalize your message on the right by copying and pasting them into your text.



The Print Tab allows you to create cards or images to be used on a print format that include your QR Code. You can add a simple text message to them in the Description field, then use the Download or Print buttons as you need. 

MP Request Review Button
Within MacPractice, we have access to an additional feature that's available if we have a patient selected in MacPractice. With a patient selected, you'll notice that at the top of the Reputation Marketing Ability, the selected patient's e-mail and mobile phone number appear if added to their patient demographics.


This will attempt to request a review from this patient. In order for this feature to work, you will want to ensure your landing page is fully set up as described in the Funnel section of this article.

Patients must be 13 years or older to receive a review in this way. If their DOB indicates their age is less than 13, you will not be able to request a review.

The Reviews area is where all of your Review Site Listings go to work for you, pulling in all reviews collected across those sources and displaying them to you here. 


We'll first land on the All Reviews tab. You'll note in the top of the view you can filter out a specific listing's reviews, filter specific rating results, and search for a specific review. 

On each review, you have buttons available to Share and Respond. Share will bring up a window to let you share the review onto your social media, if you have added your social media accounts. You will be able to determine how much of the review you would like to share, or share the full review. Respond will take you to the review itself, but the behavior depends on the source of that review.

If you wish to ensure a review is added to your Review Stream, ensure this column is checked for the review. You can edit the contents of that review by clicking the pencil icon.

The Customer Feedback Tab contains any feedback you have received from your Private Feedback form that was configured in the Funnel. 

The Review Stream Tab allows you to configure a Review Stream, and then add that Review Stream to your website by copying and pasting the Review Stream Embed Code field contents into the HTML code of your website. Like many other areas, the Review Stream will be previewed in the center of the view.

There are also further options available in the Settings Tab. You can set Review Alerts to go to a specific e-mail address, set thresholds to auto-add reviews to your Review Stream or exclude reviews from your Review Stream, and add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to easily share your positive reviews.

The Reporting Area provides an overall look at your review scores and recent activity by pulling in all your reviews and compiling that data. There's a wide variety of data here that's worth looking over and assessing the public opinion of your office.


You'll note that there are two tabs. You land on the Analytics tab by default. The Generated Reports tab contains any reports you have generated by clicking on the Generate A Report button in the upper right hand corner. These reports are beyond the scope of this article, but we encourage you to explore this feature and utilize the support resources included in the Reputation Marketing Ability.

The Links area allows you to link your personal social media accounts for use in the Reviews section when responding to and sharing your reviews. When you first come into this area, it will be blank until you click the Add a Link option. Simply click on Add a Link to begin adding these social media accounts.

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