Digital Radiography & Imaging 2 - Import Folder Setup


Depending on your sensor, MacPractice may require you to set up an import folder in your computer. To do this, navigate to Preferences using the MacPractice menu then select Digital Radiography or Imaging from the sidebar. You will notice that the bottom portion of this screen will allow you to set up an auto import folder. Click the green plus to make a new import path. The folder you select as the import folder needs to be the same folder that your imaging software saves the original image to. The best practice is to place this folder in a location that is not heavily used on your computer.

Select the folder and then click open. MacPractice will put that folder into the Auto Import list. Be sure you enable the newly created folder by checking the enable checkbox.

Some cameras will save the same image with multiple file extensions onto your computer. If your camera has this feature, you will want to block the unnecessary file types by typing their file extensions into the last field of the import folder.

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