Orders 1 - Setup


The Orders ability within MacPractice will allow you to set tasks and assign them to Users. The Orders ability can also be used to track laboratory orders for medical offices and lab orders such as a crown for dental offices.

Start be setting up this ability within the MacPractice References. Select Order Types within the sidebar and click the green plus to make a new Order Reference. Enter in a title for the new Order Type and select a default user that the order should be assigned to. You will also notice that MacPractice will come with many default Order Types. It is recommended to hide the Order Types that you will not be using to keep your database organized.

Once you have finished setting up all of your Order Types, navigate to Preferences in the MacPractice menu. Select Orders from the sidebar and select a default Filter User and a default Order Type.

If your office is going to use the Orders ability, it is recommended to add the icon into the Toolbar of MacPractice. Right click in the Toolbar and select Customize. Click and drag the Orders ability into the Toolbar.


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