Time Clock 3 - Updating Time Clock Records


Managers will be able to view multiple staff members' time clock and edit records.

Add a user to the vacation calendar by right clicking in the calendar. Managers can also add blackout dates, or date on which vacation is either not preferred or not allowed.

Managers will also be able to edit time clock records. Double click on an existing record to make changes or add notes to the record. If a user forgot to clock in, simply click and drag to make a record for when the user was in the office. Check the box to make it a current record. This will allows the user to clock out of the office when they leave for the day.

Notice that when you are creating the record, you can select the type of record time such as regular, vacation, or sick time.

The time clock batch record creator allows you to easily modify records for multiple users at a time and can be found in the Managers ability. For more questions on this manager, visit the MacPractice help site.


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