Time Clock 2 - Navigation and Use


The MacPractice Time Clock ability allows users to clock in and out for their shift, directly from MacPractice.

Users can use the controls near the bottom of the window to clock in, clock paid break, or clock out. The text to the right displays how long the user has been clock in today, as well as this week. If enabled, users can also see their clock status in the Menu bar at the top of the screen as well as open a window to see additional details.

The Time Clock ability allows users to view a vacation calendar to see when staff members will be out of the office. An In/Out report allows users to see who is currently clocked in, out or on break.

The Time Clock Resources Node will allow managers to view employees records within the Time Clock node.

The Time Clock node allows users to view their records in a graphical format.

Timesheet reports are also available, users can view their information as a summary or print off their timesheets, sign them and turn them into their manager.


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