Patients 6 - Referral Tracking

The Referrals tab in MacPractice allows you to keep track of how many patients and how much production you receive from your referrals.

Referrals are added to patients on the patient Referral tab by clicking the plus button. If you have no created your referral record yet, you may do so by clicking the plus button in the search window. You will notice that the only field that is required is the last name. This allows you to enter in generic items such as a Facebook advertisement. You also have additional tabs for provider ID's and Notes.

Once you select your referral, you will see the referral added to the patients Referral tab. The Referral Category can be changed to show whether the patient is coming into your office or being sent out of your office. You can also mark it as not applicable or as marketing.

The date displayed is the date of the referral. MacPractice assumes the day you add the referral is the referral date, however, you can override it if you need to. Charges and payments will only be displayed in this area when the referral is associated to charges in your ledger. The referral specialty and type will pull from the referral's Reference screen, however, you can change this specialty by double clicking on the record. You can also enter notes, a review date, and specify a reason for the referral.

Additional information for associating referrals to charges and running reports for referral production can be found in the MacPractice help site.
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