Patients 12 - Vitals Tracking


Vitals tracking in MacPractice can be done from the Patient ability on the Clinical tab by selecting Vitals below. Vitals tracking allows you to see changes in a patient’s condition over time and will allow you to review growth and BMI charts for patients.

To add a new vitals entry, click the plus button under the Vitals tab. Enter your vitals measurements and you may specify the date measured. If you use Metrics instead of Imperial measurements, be sure you have your localization settings set correctly. To change the units you use, go to the MacPractice menu and select Preferences. Select Localization in the sidebar and be sure you specify what type of units you use for each measurement. Close the Preferences window when you are finished.

Click Add when you are finished entering a patient’s vitals. If you enter a value that could potentially indicate the patient needs attention, MacPractice will prompt you specify if action is taken. Please review the clinical alert documentation or videos for more information about clinical alerts and user alert response types.

You will see the vitals you just entered in the table below. If you need to edit an existing vitals record, you may double click to reopen it. To add additional vitals records, click the plus button.

Once information has been added to the patient, you may click the Chart button to see either growth charts or a BMI chart. You may specify which type of chart you would like to see by selecting the chart in the pop up menu. By right clicking on the chart, you can show or hide the key or the table which shows you the patient’s entered values. You may also change to a new chart on the fly.


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