Patients 9 - Shared Accounts


When creating new patients in MacPractice you also have the option to create combined or family accounts.  In some cases you may not want to create a combined account, depending on the patient’s situation.

Select an existing account in the sidebar and click the green plus. MacPractice prompts you to select whether you would like to create a new patient or create a new account.  If you select create a new patient, the patient will be added as a new patient to the account that you already have selected.  Patients added to existing accounts will have their own information on the Patient, Clinical and Ledger screens, however, they will share information on the Primary, Secondary and Account screens. You cannot have two patients in the same account with different primaries, or different settings on the Account tab. Patients on the same account will also be assigned the same account number, however the number after the dash will be different.

In the event that you do need to move a patient to their own account or add a patient to an existing account, MacPractice has provided a database utility for you. For more information on this utility, visit the MacPractice Help Site.


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