Patients 3 - Creating a New Account


Creating a new account for a patient is simple. Start by deselecting any patients by clicking the X in the Patient Selector. Click on the green plus to make a new account. Start by entering in the patient's demographics. You will notice that the first and last name are highlighted in red as they are required fields. As you enter in the demographics, press the tab button on the keyboard to move to the next field. You can use the space button on the keyboard to open up drop down boxes with navigating with the tab key. Once all the information has been entered, save the record with the Edit menu or with the keyboard shortcut, Command S.

MacPractice will instantly ask you if the patient is the same person as the primary account holder. If you answer yes, the patient information will be copied to the Primary tab. If the answer is no, MacPractice will take you to the Primary tab to enter in the correct information.

It is important to note that Primary and Secondary do NOT refer to Primary and Secondary Insurance. Instead, these tabs refer to the person who is primarily or secondarily financially responsible for the account. Changing the Primary or Secondary information for one patient on an account with change it for all patients associated to that account.


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