Patients 1 - Setup


Navigate to the Patient's ability and select the Default patient within the sidebar. When creating a new patient or account, the information listed in the Default record in the Patient's sidebar will be added to the new record.

Set the Labels for each phone field; by default they are all set to Home. You may also find it useful to enter the local area code in the Phone fields.

Select the Provider, Office, and Fee Schedule that will pull into the New Charge window by default. If you have multiple providers or offices, you may wish to leave these boxes set to None to prevent new patients from being associated to the incorrect provider.

Depending on your clientele, your office might benefit from setting up the relationship to primary and secondary dropdown boxes.

Select the Insurance sub-tab and change the HIPAA release drop down to Appropriate Release of Information on File.

Once you have completed setting up the Patient tab, navigate to the Account tab. You will want to setup the default provider and office for the account.

Lastly, you will want to set up the defaults for Primary and Secondary tabs. It is recommended that the phone fields mirror the setup of the Patient tab. If you are in the US, it is highly recommended to check the boxes for Signature on File, and for Release of Information.

Navigate to the Patient Ability Preferences by using the MacPractice menu. On the General tab, change the Preference to Pull Provider and Office "From the Default Patient Record." Based on your type of practice, set your Referral Type to Patient's Transitioning From, or Transitioning To your office.

Navigate to the Insurance tab and turn on the Preference to "Show Related Insurance After Entering Employer."

On the Miscellaneous tab, turn on the Preferences to Show Archived, and New Patient Nodes in the sidebar.

The duplicate Patients tab can be setup to best help your office workflow. If your office doesn't collect Social Security Numbers, try turning on the birthday option.

You will need to log out of MacPractice in order for the Preferences to take effect. You can logout using the MacPractice menu.


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