Optical 2 - Creating a Prescription


Click the green plus to make a new Optical RX within MacPractice. If you have a patient in the selector, MacPractice will automatically associate the prescription to the patient's account. If no patient is selected, you will be prompted to enter a patient's name.

Enter in the data points for the patient's vision. Use the Comments section to add additional information. Use the drop down boxes to select a provider, office, and an incident. Enter in the date for the exam, RX and Expiration. The T button on your keyboard will quickly enter today's date.

The two sub-tabs will allow you to set up a prescription based on eyewear. or contact lenses. Try using the drop down boxes as you enter in information. If an item has not been entered before, you can enter it in the box and it will be available for all future visits.

Once all the information has been entered into MacPractice, select the prescription that you need to print and select Print RX.

After entering a patient's initial visit you can use the History tab to compare the progression of the patient's vision. As with anywhere in MacPractice, columns can be reorganized by clicking and dragging. Click a header once to reorder the entries by that column.

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