Optical 1 - Setup


Navigate to the References ability and select the forms node in the sidebar. Search for RX in the sidebar search to find the relevant forms. MacPractice has three default forms. Custom forms can be made to include items like your letterhead or your practice logo.

Select a form in the sidebar and click View to see a preview of the form. Activate the forms that you will use in your office by checking the box, Form Active. After activating the forms, navigate into Preferences using the MacPractice menu. Once again, select Forms in the sidebar and set the most common Optical RX Form from the drop down box.

Navigate to the Optical ability in MacPractice. If the Optical ability is not showing in your toolbar, right click and select Customize. Drag the Optical ability into the toolbar.

Looking at the sidebar, you will see that there are Reference folders which will be used on the Optical RX. You can take the time to enter in all References by selecting the corresponding folder and clicking the green plus. However, in the Optical ability all References can be added on the fly. This means that as you add items to a patient's account, they will automatically be saved to the database to be used on another patient.


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