Attachments 4 - Setup Auto Import


MacPractice Training recommends using a Fujitsu ScanSnap to automatically import your documents into MacPractice.

Start by setting up an import folder within MacPractice. Navigate to the Attachments Preferences using the MacPractice Menu. The bottom half of the Preferences will allow you to change your importing options. First, set up an Import Path. The best practice is to hide this folder in Documents. After the folder has been created, check the box to Enable the Import Folder.

MacPractice will make a beep noise once the import is complete.

If the entire office is sharing one scanner, you may want to check the Preference, Do Not Automatically Associate Imported Files to Patients. When checked, all imported documents will be saved in the Attachments folder waiting to be assigned to a patient by one of the office staff.

When your scanner is extremely fast like the ScanSnap, you can update your polling to a quicker time. Polling times can also be lengthened for slower scanners.

Now that MacPractice has been set up, navigate to your scanner software. This video will show you how to set up the ScanSnap. If you have a different scanner you will need to contact your local IT or your scanner's support department, however, the basics of setting up the scanner should be similar.

Select the ScanSnap Manager in your toolbar. You might get a notification that the profile menu has been disabled. Open up the settings under the ScanSnap Menu and disable the Quick Menu.

Select the Profile drop down and Add a Profile labeled MacPractice. Open the Details Panel to see the extra settings. Under the Applications tab, select Add or Remove to add the MacPractice application from your computer and label it. Now that we have added MacPractice, use the drop down menu and select MacPractice from the list.

Navigate to the Save tab. ScanSnap should be saving the document into the same folder that was set up within MacPractice. Browse for the unique folder and click Choose. Click the Apply button on the bottom right  of the ScanSnap window. The setup process is now complete.

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