Schedule 7 - Transparencies


Transparencies are used to block off certain times or days on the Schedule to prevent an appointment from being scheduled or to inform the staff of important information.

There are three steps to successfully create a transparency.

First, you will want to navigate to the date in the Schedule. Second, open the Transparency node in the sidebar. You will notice that MacPractice has created a set of default holidays. Create a new Transparency type in the sidebar by clicking on the green plus. At this point, the drawer will open automatically. If your window is too big, you may need to resize MacPractice to see the drawer. Give the Transparency a new name, such as “Meeting” and assign a color to the record. Save this record in the Edit menu or by using the keyboard shortcut, command S.

Select your newly created Transparency type in the sidebar. The third step is to click and drag on the Schedule to block off the selected time. The drawer will be used to adjust all of the settings in your Transparency.

The block Sub-Tab will be used to give a unique name to this specific Transparency block. For example, I will name the block, “All Staff Meeting” since we are in the Meeting Transparency. Since this meeting is for the entire staff, I will check the box, “All Resources” to place this Transparency on everyone’s schedule.  If the meeting was for the entire day, I would check the box, “All Day.” I can make this meeting repeat every week if needed by using the repeat drop down box. Once I have selected a repeat option, I can select when I would like the repeat to end. Notes can also be added to this Transparency by placing them in the field at the bottom of the drawer.

Rules can be placed on the Transparency. For the example of a meeting, the office would not want to schedule any appointments and could check “Don’t Schedule Appointments.” Sometimes it is appropriate to schedule appointments in case of an emergency. The best way to allow appointments to be scheduled is with the “Confirm Appointment Scheduling” checkbox. This will prompt the user asking if they are sure they would like to schedule the appointment during the all staff meeting.

Be sure to save your changes to the block and rules by using the edit menu or the keyboard shortcut, command S. Now that we have saved, we can see the Transparency on all of the resources as well as the repeat for next week.


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