Schedule 4 - Appointment for a New Patient on an Existing Account


Confirm that there is no patient selected within the patient selector. Simply click and drag within the Schedule to create an appointment for a new patient at the office. After selecting the appointment time, MacPractice will display the Appointment Detail Window.

Skip the Account Field and start with the last name. After entering the last name, use the tab button to enter in the first name. Using the tab button after the first name will pull up a window to confirm that this patient is not already in the database. Click the button at the bottom of the screen to add the patient to an existing account. MacPractice will pull up all accounts with the same last name. Use the search bar at the top of this screen, if the patient does not have the same last name as the existing account. Select the account that is needed for the new patient. You can see that the patient has been assigned the same account number on the left and has been given a new patient number on the right. Once you have entered in all of your information, click the save button on the bottom right to finalize your appointment.


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