Schedule 2 - Navigation


Navigating through your appointments is very easy when using the small calendar in the sidebar. The small calendar can be displayed by clicking on the small calendar button at the bottom of MacPractice. The current day will be highlighted in a red circle. A different month can be selected by using the arrows next to the current month.

Selecting a day in the small calendar will change the detail window to show your selection. An entire week can be selected by clicking the week number. You may need to scroll in the detail screen to see the selection of days. In the same way, every Monday of the month can be selected by clicking on the M in the small calendar. If you would like to customize your selection, hold down the command button on your computer while clicking the desired days.

Near the bottom of the window you will notice the “today” button. This will help you instantly return to today’s appointments. You will also notice that there are two single arrows on either side of the today button. This will add a day to your selection in the corresponding direction. The double arrows will move your selection to the right or left.

The fit to display buttons are extremely useful within the Schedule. The three horizontal lines will compress your appointments so that you can see the entire day from open to close. The three vertical lines will compress your selection of days to fit into one screen so no scrolling is needed. The fit to display options are turned on when the buttons are highlighted in blue.

Selecting a month in the bottom bar will quickly show you the entire month in the details of your window.

If a patient were to walk behind your desk, the HIPAA button can be used to quickly hide all patient information. The sidebar nodes will be hidden and the the patient names will be changed into initials. Simply click the HIPAA button again to return the appointment calendar to its previous display.

The right click menu will be used for many functions in the Schedule. Right clicking on a resource and selecting “View Only This Resource” will help eliminate all other rooms and providers from the Schedule. To return to your previous selection, open the Right Click Menu and select “View All Selected Resources.”

The right click menu is also used to navigate to a patient’s chart. Right click on a patient’s appointment and use the go to menu. Using the Go To Menu, will ensure that you have the correct patient selected and will be the quickest way to navigate to any ability.


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