Notes 3 - Templates and Pull Fields


Creating Templates and using Pull Fields will maximize your productivity within the Notes ability. Select the Note Template Group node in the sidebar and click the green plus. We are going to make a new Template group titled Billing. More Template group can be made in this folder at a later date.

Now that we have created our Billing group, select it and click the green plus. We will start with a title for this Template. Then I'll begin entering the office information as the Header of the letter. After the Header has been completed, we will make use of our first Pull Field. Pull Fields can be found in the sidebar by clicking the pull field button. There are many different types of Pull Fields within MacPractice. We will start with the Patient's information and add the name to the template. To add a pull field, simply drag and drop into the template. I will pull in the fields for the patient's name, street address, and city information. Spacing and punctuation must be added with the pull fields in order to be grammatically correct. 

Add some extra text into the body of the note template. I will also pull in the Account Balance from the Account pull fields. To make the letter more personal, I will also add a pull field for the User whom created the note. This pull field can be added from the Miscellaneous node.

Save the Template with the Edit menu or the keyboard shortcut, command s. To see your template in action, simply select the template in the sidebar and click the green plus to make a copy. Notice how all the pull fields have been replaced with patient information. You can now make changes to this note as if you had written it from scratch.

If you notice a problem with the template, simply select the template in the sidebar to make the necessary changes. Before editing a template, you will need to uncheck the locked box below the title. Be sure to save all of your changes.

Once completed, drag the patient note into the locked folder to prevent accidental changes. 

If you are new to the Notes ability, try using the Shared Templates node to get a jump start on creating a template.

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