Notes 2 - Categories


The Notes ability can be enhanced with the use of Categories which act like Macros. Categories can be found at the top of the Notes ability. If you can not see the Categories grab the dot in the top of the detail screen and drag down. Select the Categories node and click the green plus to make a new record. Categories can be made for users or for roles within the office. For example, I will make a Category called Front Desk and another Category titled, Dr. Heusinger.

Let’s begin by working in the Front Desk Category. Click the green plus to create a new part and title it Collections 31. Now that the part has a title let’s move to body of the screen and enter in “Your balance is 31-60 days past due.” We will repeat this process with Collections 61 and put “Your balance is 61-90 days past due” in the body.

Categories can also be used for clinical notes. Select Dr. Heusinger's Category and click the green plus to make a new Part. Lets label this Part, Chief Complaint. In the body of the Part we will write, “Patient was seen in my office today with complaints of.” Click the green plus again to create another Part titled, Signature. In the body, I will paste an image of a signature followed by my name in text. Be sure to save all of your Categories with the Edit menu or by the keyboard shortcut, Command S.

Using the Categories is quite simple. Start by selecting the New Note node and clicking the green plus. As you are typing your note you can double click on a Category part to quickly place it into your Note. A clinician may use Category parts to start his Note and then complete his Note with the signature part.

Categories can be used in a variety of ways to speed up the process of creating a Note. Make as many Categories and Parts that are needed for your office.


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