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The Notes ability is a complete word processing tool that supports tables, images, and formatting.

To create a new note for a patient, select the New Notes node and lick the plus button. If no patient is selected, MacPractice will ask which patient to associate the note. Start by giving the note a title. If your office uses Incidents then associate the note to the correct incident.

The bottom of the detail screen will be used to write the note. You can set a style such as Bold or Italicized by using the Style menu. Like any word processor, you are able to set the alignment and spacing. The list drop down will allow you to pick between  bullet points, numbers, and alphabetical lists. The design of your text can be changed with the font drop down and the color palette. Images can be added into the Node by clicking on the thumbnail button.

If you are in the middle of the record, you can save the Note by using the Edit menu or the keyboard shortcut, command s. Saving the record will allow you to come back and complete the record at another time.

Once complete, the Note should be locked to preserve the integrity of your Notes in case of an audit. To lock the Note, simply drag the note into the Locked folder in the sidebar. MacPractice will ask if you would like to print the note. Once locked, the Note will be locked and cannot be changed in any way.

If a locked Note needs to be changed, simply click on the unlock button in the top right corner of the Note. MacPractice will allow you to duplicate the Note and make changes to the copy.

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