Schedule 5 - Appointment for an Existing Patient


Creating an appointment for an existing patient can be done two different ways. If you are coming from another ability you will most likely have the patient selected in the patient selector. If you have not selected a patient you can do so in the sidebar. Once you have navigated to the date, click and drag to define the new appointment time. You will notice that the selected patient’s information is already entered into the appointment detail window. Enter in the appointment type and status, as well as specific notes for the appointment. Once you have entered in all of your information, click the save button on the bottom right to finalize your appointment.

A new appointment can also be created without using the patient selector. Click and drag to make your appointment. Notice that no patient information is displayed. Hit the return key on your keyboard and a search window will appear. Type in the patient's name followed by the return key and then select your patient from the list. As always, enter in appointment details and click save to create the appointment.


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