Admin Orientation 4 - First Login and Office Reference


After your initial login to the MacPractice database, one of the first things you will need to complete is your Office Reference. The References ability contains all of your non-patient files and is usually a good place to begin setting MacPractice up.

References are usually items you must have in order to use the rest of the software. Your office Reference contains your billing location and may be used on statements and claims so you will want to ensure everything is spelled correctly. The fields that are dimmed on this page correspond to information that is controlled by the MacPractice Accounting Department. If you need any information on this page changed, please call 402-420-2430 to speak to a member of our Accounting team to update it. Once the change has been made, you will simply need to fetch your license to update the information within MacPractice. This can only be done on the server. 

To fetch your license, open the MacPractice Preferences and select Abilities in the sidebar then click Fetch License. You will need to log out and back into MacPractice to see the changes.

Fields such as phone, fax, facility, group NPI, and taxonomy are not dimmed and can be edited by the office.

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