Admin Orientation 7 - Preferences


As and Administrator, you will likely need to be in control of how the office operates. MacPractice is widely customizable to meet the needs of many different types of offices and specialties. Most of this customization is done in the Preferences window found within the MacPractice menu.

Preferences can be set by selecting the desired ability in the sidebar and changing the setting to the right. Some abilities like the Ledger have more preferences than others and you may need to click through different tabs on abilities with server preferences.

The function of some preferences may not be clear until you start using the ability so you may need to come back and review your preferences at a later time. You should also note that some preferences are global - meaning they affect every user in MacPractice. Other preferences are local - meaning they only affect the current computer. You can see a list of local and global preferences in the help site.

If you would like to make sure all computers have the same preferences, you can save your preferences in the database by selecting General in the sidebar and using the Preference Options popup menu. If you save the preferences in the database, these preferences will be loaded on each computer once someone logs into MacPractice. From there, users can make minor adjustments if they choose. Keep in mind, there is also a User Group Privilege to restrict users from viewing the Preference window. This is located in the References ability under User Group Privileges. Select Database and then check or uncheck View/Edit Preferences depending on their needs.

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