Admin Orientation 3 - Connecting the client computers


Client computers will need to be directed to the server computer to log into the MacPractice database. This is done in the drawer of the login screen on each client. To open the drawer, click the gear button in the top right corner. Enter the server IP address. The database name should remain MacPractice unless instructed otherwise. Log into MacPractice by entering the credentials: admin & password which are the default username and password. On the initial login, MacPractice will ask to have a pin entered on an authorized computer. Write down the four digit pin and return to the server.

Once you have returned to the server computer, navigate to the MacPractice Preferences by clicking the MacPractice menu. Select Database Access from the sidebar and enter the four digit pin. If entered correctly, MacPractice will alert you that the client was successfully connected.

Complete these steps on all of the client computers in the office.

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