Admin Orientation 1 - Downloading and Installing


MacPractice Support - 877-220-8418

Open Safari and enter to download your new software. You will be asked to enter your serial number which has been provided to you by MacPractice corporate. Once you've entered you serial, MacPractice will ask you to register before downloading. Be sure to fill out all applicable fields before clicking register. An activation email will be sent to you. Once activated, re-enter your serial and your newly created login information.

You will be taken to a screen where you can download MacPractice. Since we are working on the server computer, we will download the Server Package. The client package will need to be installed on ALL other computers in the office. Do not reuse the server installer on any other computer.

Once you have downloaded the software packages, right click on the file and select open. If the file is in a zipped archive you may need to uncompress the file by opening it. Run the server package to initialize the installation window. MacPractice will guide you through the rest of the process. During the installation, MacPractice will prompt you to enter a security password. Write this password down and keep it in a safe  and secure location. This password will be needed to start MacPractice anytime the computer is restarted. After the installation is complete you will need to restart your machine.

The first time you log into the software you will need to use the username: admin and the password: password. This is the default user that allows you to open the software and can be changed once you login and set up users. MacPractice will prompt you to enter your serial number again. An active internet connection is required to validate the serial number.

When you log into MacPractice on the server for the first time, you will receive a prompt asking for your database encryption password. This is the password you chose for your database during the installation process. If you have forgotten or lost this password, please contact MacPractice Support. When logging in, MacPractice also checks for any updates for forms, purchased abilities, and the application itself.

MacPractice will create OS User Groups to manage your OS Users and their access to MacPractice. To view your OS user groups, go the the Apple System Preferences and select Accounts. You may need to unlock your privilege settings by clicking the Padlock icon in the lower left corner of the window. You will be required to enter the OS Admin username and password. All computer users who need to view, manage, or maintain MacPractice backups must be a part of the MacPractice backups user group. To make a user part of a group, Check the box next to the username. All users who need to run MacPractice should be a part of the MacPractice client user group. The MacPractice Client user group is used to load the database and use MacPractice. If a user is not part of the client user group, they will be unable to use MacPractice.

You should consider securing your network for your practice. MacPractice is not responsible for the security within your office and if you need assistance with this process you contact a network professional. You will want to ensure that your patient data is protected from unwarranted access by properly using passwords and ensuring you have proper firewall settings. For example, ports 3306 and 1234 will need to be opened in your router for sending eClaims. MacPractice has provided a list of services that may need network access if you will ever be connecting from outside the office. Please review our network security professional for assistance as MacPractice cannot assist you with configuring your router.

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