New User Orientation 4 - MacPractice Toolbar


Most of the icons in the toolbar are ability icons that allow you to switch from ability to ability in MacPractice. You will also see some other icons on the left of the toolbar that represent your navigational tools.

The back button allows you to go back through the last records you’ve visited in MacPractice since you’ve logged in. To visit a previous page, simply keep clicking the back button until you find the appropriate page. The Next button will allow you to return to the latest view. If the Next button is dimmed, it means you’ve returned to the last page you were on. The Reload button will refresh the page you are on, for example, if you’ve ever searched for something, and need to go back to your entire list of patients, click the reload button to reset the list.

You can customize your ability icons by right clicking on the toolbar. Clicking Customize Toolbar will allow you to add, remove and even change the order of your icons. To reorder your icons, simply drag them where you want them. You can also drag unused items off the toolbar, or add new icons to the toolbar. You can choose smaller sized icons if you need more room, or you can display just the icon or just the text if you like. You can also add spaces and separators to visually separate the icons. These toolbar settings can be different per computer, so if you don’t share a workstation, you can have only the abilities that you use every day in your toolbar. Click done to preserve your changes.

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