Insurance Estimating - Write-Offs Without Insurance Estimating if Patient Doesn't Have a Plan

MacPractice can automatically pull a write-off amount when entering an Insurance payment without enabling Insurance Estimating. The following formula calculates the write-off portion:

Fee (-) Allowed (=) Write Off

To pull a write-off without Insurance Estimating, and the office does not use plans, first, the user needs to enable the option in Preferences > Ledger > Payment > Insurance Payment > "Automatically Calculate Write-off when provider participates with the carrier".

Once the preference has been verified, the setting in the associated insurance reference needs to then be enabled. In the Provider IDs Tab of the associated insurance reference, check the Participate checkbox for the provider on the claim.

Insurance Payment
When entering the insurance payment for a claim, follow the specifications of the EOB. Enter the specified allowed amount in the Allowed column for the payment. The Write-Off field will automatically calculate if the allowed amount is less than the payment amount.

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