New User Orientation 2 - Window Control


In the top left corner of every window, you will see 3 buttons that are sometimes called stoplight buttons because of their color. These buttons may appear in a different color, however, their position and function is always the same. The green button or the button on the right is the full-screen button. Clicking this button once will move MacPractice into the full-screen mode, hiding the toolbar and the dock. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and click the green button to maximize the MacPractice window, making it fill your entire computer screen without removing the toolbar or the dock. You can return to the last size by holding down Option and clicking the green button again. You can also manually control the window size by dragging the resize control at the opposite corner of the window.

The yellow or middle button is the minimize button. Clicking the minimize button will hide this window from your view and place it in the Dock where you can retrieve it later. The Dock is the series of application icons on the bottom of your screen. Click on the MacPractice icon in the Dock to restore the window to its previous state. Note that my Dock is on the bottom of my screen, however your Dock may appear on the right or left side of the window instead depending on how your computer is set up.

The red button on the far left allows you to close your MacPractice window. You will want to note that this does not log you out or quit MacPractice, it simply closes the window. If you look at your Dock, you will notice that MacPractice is still highlighted. This means that MacPractice is still running. If you walk away from your desk, anyone can click on MacPractice in the Dock to open another window. You should take caution, and be sure that if you are away from your computer for long periods of time, that you lock your computer somehow, or logout/quit MacPractice.

To open a new MacPractice window, go to the File menu right next to the MacPractice menu and select New window. You can open up as many MacPractice windows as you like depending on how much work you would like to do at once. Feel free to click and drag to move these windows around as much as you like to suit your workflow. Simply click the close button on any windows you do not wish to have open.

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