New User Orientation 1 - Logging Into MacPractice


Before you begin using MacPractice, you will need a Username and Password.  The Username and Password will allow you to log into MacPractice, and will need to be entered in the Login window.  You can check “remember me on this computer,” however, this should only be done if the computer has been secured in some other way, such as with a locking screensaver or if the computer resides in a locked office.  If more than one person has access to this computer you should not check this box, as an unauthorized person will then have access to your patient information.  Please contact your network administrator if you have forgotten your password or if you need one.

After you login, the MacPractice window will appear.  At the very bottom right hand corner of the window, you should see your name.  MacPractice will always display the user information of the person that is logged in down here.  If you see the wrong name displayed here it is possible that you logged in with another person’s credentials and you should log out to protect their identity.  To log out, go to the MacPractice application menu at the very top of your computer display, and select logout. Logging out will take you back to the login screen.

Quitting MacPractice can also be done from the same menu. You can quit instead of logout if you are done with MacPractice for the day.

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