Schedule - Appointment Status Node

The Appointment Status node is used to manage the available appointment statuses in the Schedule.

Default, Cancelled, Checked In, Confirmed, Missed, Pending, Performed Treatment, Tentative, To Reschedule, Unconfirmed, and Unscheduled Recall are all Appointment Statuses that are native to MacPractice and cannot be deleted.

Additional appointment statuses can be created by clicking the green plus button above the sidebar and naming the new status.

Setting a Default Appointment Status

You can set a Default Appointment Status by navigating to Preferences in the MacPractice Menu, and selecting "Scheduling". Then, select the Appointments Tab and use the Default Status drop down.


Note: The Default record in the Appointment Status node can be safely ignored.

Removing a Status
To remove an appointment status, select it in the sidebar and click the red minus button above. This will remove the record if it is not tied to any existing appointments.

If the status is tied to an existing appointment, a prompt will appear stating that it cannot be deleted. The drawer will pop open showing the existing appointment ties.

Clicking Cancel will disregard the attempt to remove the status.

The status for the tied appointments must be changed in order to move forward with deleting the unwanted record. Clicking Change or Change & Delete will bring up a window to select a replacement status.

Selecting Change will only change the Status from one to another.

Change & Delete will change the status and delete the previously selected record.

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