ePrescribe - Missing Prescription

Missing Prescription/Prescription Not Received by the Pharmacy
If the office sends a script electronically but it is never received by the pharmacy, the script can be marked as missing via the NewCrop ePrescribe interface in the Rx ability of MacPractice. The script may have failed because of a failed fax, failed electronic transmission, MacPractice user error, or Pharmacy user error.

First, verify if the transmission was successful. Click on the "spyglass" and find the "Print/Transmission Log". Under the "Status" column, the transmission will be listed as a "Success" or "Failure".

If the most recent attempt at sending has failed, there is a 'ReTransmit Batch' button that will attempt to send the transmission again. The Status column will show the user if the script has failed, or if it has been queued by the pharmacy.

If the submission was successful but the script was never received by the pharmacy, there is a "Report 'Missing' Prescription" button. After clicking the "Report 'Missing' Prescription" button there will be a few fields that will need to be filled out by the prescriber. This includes the individual that the prescriber spoke with at the pharmacy and any additional information given to the prescriber by the pharmacy staff.

It is important to note that a script can only be marked missing within 5 days of the write date. SureScripts cannot research electronic transmissions after 5 days. If the script is past the 5 day mark, please resend.

Once research has completed NewCrop will contact MacPractice Support, and we will reach out to the office with the solution.

Additional Considerations
One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the "Report Missing Prescription" button is the possibility of human error in the transmission of the Rx. If the prescription was sent electronically and shows a positive response status, there is a strong likelihood that the pharmacy to which the Rx was sent may differ from the pharmacy to which the patient went to pick up the prescription. It is also possible that the pharmacy may have errantly deleted the Rx.

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