Database Utilities - Run Accounting Migration Report


This database utility should be run in order to determine any potential issues that may hinder upgrading to future builds of MacPractice.

The utility matches what the current A/R balances in the database are to what they will look like once a migration is done. This does not make any changes directly to the database, but will tell you what WILL change when you do eventually update to a later build.

This utility may take several hours depending on the database size and while the utility is going, it is not possible to use MacPractice from the server, and clients may run very slow.

Every client must be logged out of MacPractice in order for this utility to run.

When the utility is finished, a large green check will appear at the top of the window saying "Congratulations" if everything is in order. If there are discrepancies, a large red x will appear at the top of the window saying "Oops." If the large red x appears, contact MacPractice and a support rep will look at the database to determine the best course of action.

The large check or x are different than the smaller icons that appear down the side of the report.

The utility displays the A/R balances in three columns: Before Migration, After Migration and Match.

Before Migration - This is what the A/R looks like currently.

After Migration - This is what the current A/R would look like after the database is updated to a higher version.

Match - This is an icon displaying whether the Before and After numbers match.

It is possible to have mismatching Before and After balances while still getting the “Congratulations” message affirming that upgrading can move forward.

If there are any red x icons under the Match column, click on the Net Account Receivable to see a break down of the A/Rs side by side.

If a discrepancy exists, the amount in question will turn into a blue link. Clicking the link will bring up a more detailed breakdown of the specific information. This should explain why the Before and After aren’t matching in the Database (perhaps the patients no longer have insurance and the estimation is off) as well a link to the accounts in question so it is possible to go in and make the necessary adjustments.

If the Utility is showing anything that doesn’t make sense, take a screen shot, or click the Print button and contact MacPractice Support. They will be able assist further.

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