Patients Ability - Dental Tab Quick Start Guide

This tab will display for DDS and MD users with restorative or perio charting purchased. Any charting work done for the patient should be marked here. This is also where any work done on a patient’s teeth outside of the office can bee mapped and logged.

This guide is designed to give a basic overview of how the Dental Tab works. Clicking on any of the blue links will direct to pages that explain the item in more detail.

Patient Chart
The Patient Chart is a graphic overview of a patient's restorations and charting history.

Anything entered here will not be charged to the patient. This is ideal for mapping out what a patient’s chart looks like on their first visit, or to not any work that may have been done in another office.

Treatment Plans

Treatment Plans in MacPractice are used to preplan procedures for a patient. These help set expectations for costs and work that may need to be done.

Items in Treatment Plans will not be reflected in a patient’s Ledger until Move To Transaction is selected from the Treatments menu in the Ledger View of the Treatment Plan. This is accessed by clicking the Chart icon next to the incident menu.

Perio Chart
The Perio Chart displays tooth graphics along with the Perio data cells in which a patient's unique notation points can be documented.

It displays restorations and Notation Point values visually.

Incidents are used to keep the ledger organized and manageable. Instead of having all the transactions listed in one large record, more incidents can be created to separate a patient's transactions and make it easier to find information.

Incidents for the Dental Tab work identically to the Incidents in the Ledger Tab.

Selecting the name of an Incident in the side bar will bring up the Incident menu. This menu consists of multiple tabs that can be used to set additional information about the Incident.

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