12 Diagnosis Codes

It is now possible to add 12 Diagnosis Codes in the new charge window and have those Diagnosis Codes reflect in the claim.
Note: Only the first four diagnosis Codes may have pointers on a claim, and the maximum number of pointers remains four.

In order to activate 12 Diagnosis Codes, the Preference needs to be set.

In Preferences > Claims, click the box next to Allow 12 Diagnoses per Charge. There is no need to restart MacPractice when this is checked. It may be unchecked at any time.
Note: This is a global Preference so this preference will be reflected on every computer in the office.

Once you have enabled this preference, we recommend you keep it enabled. Turning this off may cause issues with generating claims. If you encounter MacPractice unexpectedly quitting when generating or re-generating claims, check this preference to confirm it is still enabled!

New Charge Window
Once the Preference is checked, Diagnoses window within the New Charge window will contain spots for up to 12 Diagnoses. If a patient has more than 12 Diagnoses listed as active in their Clinical tab, then all of those Diagnoses will pull into the new Charge.

The Diagnosis window in the New Charge will display a counter showing how many Diagnoses exist out of 12. If the number of Diagnoses exceeds 12, the number will appear in red with a warning that only the first 12 checked diagnoses will be saved.

Scrolling to the bottom of a list of more than 12 codes will show that the 13th (and higher) will be automatically unchecked.
Note: If there are more than 12 diagnoses checked on a single charge, then anything beyond the first 12 will not be saved with the charge at all. If there are more than 12 diagnoses among all charges on a claim, then the claim will split.

If a Diagnosis Code is not relevant to a charge and needs to be removed, the name of the Diagnosis will need to be deleted and the checkbox next to it must be unchecked. Once the Charge is saved, the unwanted Diagnosis will be removed from the Charge (but will remain in the patient’s Clinical tab).

Claim Creation Window
In the Claim Creation Window, under the Procedures tab, the columns for Charge Diagnoses, and Claim Diagnoses will be significantly larger.

Claims (Paper and Electronic)
When the Preference is checked, and there are up to 12 Diagnoses in a charge, all of the Diagnoses will pull onto the claim. Of the multiple Diagnoses, only the first 4 on the list per charge will have Diagnosis Pointers. Per NUCC guidelines, there is still a maximum of 4 pointers per code on paper claims.

More information pertaining to 12 Diagnoses for eClaims can be found Here.

When the Preference is turned on, functionality remains the same. In the Diagnoses & Billing Element, it is now possible to add up to 12 Diagnoses Codes.

There is a new button to Move All to Encounter Diagnoses. This moves all of the listed Diagnoses to the Encounter. If more than 12 are added, then the excess will automatically be dropped off the form.

When the Preference is turned on, functionality remains the same. In the Diagnoses & Billing Element, it is now possible to add up to 12 Diagnoses Codes. If more than 12 are added, there will be an error stating so.

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