Notes Ability At A Glance - Interactive

The Notes Ability is a built-in word processor that can be used to create printed correspondence, consent forms, clinical documents and other patient forms. The Notes Ability is much more advanced then a simple word processor as it can pull information from almost anywhere in a patient's chart. Writing a note has never been this easy before!

This is an interactive image. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation. 

Categories: The Categories node works like Macros within the Notes ability.
Note Template: Predesigned notes or outlines that allow you to pull text, patient information, or MacPractice data into a Note.
New Note: Patient notes that are not yet locked appear in this node.
Locked Note: Patient notes that are locked appear in this node.
Forms: This node contains all available forms for templates.
Notes Images: Images for notes are created and stored here.
Shared Templates: This is a database that contains pre-made Templates available for downloading.
Notes Template Groups: Group names created here create nodes in which notes can be sorted.
Template Pull Fields: Pull fields extract data from the patient's record and add it directly to the text of a patient note. 



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