Inventory Ability At A Glance - Interactive

The Inventory Ability is used to keep track of the current stock in the office. This ability can automatically alert users when an item is running low in the office. Audits can easily be performed in this ability while updating the current stock. 

This is an interactive form. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation.  

Inventory: This management node is used to track and maintain items and create purchase orders.

  • Filters: Filters are used to limit the inventory to show only select items. 
  • Show Options: Items can be color coded based on the current stock, while the consumed count can  be toggled for a certain time frame.
  • Print Barcode: Item barcodes can be printed for selected inventory items.
  • Search: Specific items can be located though the search field.
  • Current Stock: The Current Stock window will shows the number of each item in the inventory. 
  • Create POs: Purchase Orders can be created to order, track, and replenish supplies.
  • PO Details: Order details contains the specifics of created orders.

Inventory Reports: These reports contain information about how the Inventory is used.

Audits: The Audits node is used to create audits of categories of items so that physical stock may be compared with expected quantities.
Retail Items: This manager node is used to add items to Fee Schedules through a split view with an upper Item table and a lower Fee Schedule table.

Items: Inventory items are added and details are set here.
Categories: This is a list of the Categories into which items my be sorted.
Brands: This is a list of the Brands into which items my be sorted.
Vendors: This is a list of the Vendors from which orders are made.

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