EHR Ability At A Glance - Interactive

MacPractice EHR is an electronic health records solution for use on the Mac desktop and laptop. EHR was designed with efficiency as a top priority. It allows providers to chart, order, e-prescribe, review and submit charges quickly. When using both EHR and iEHR app for iPad, users have the flexibility to change from one device to another during the course of a visit. 

This is an interactive form. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation. 

Patients Selector: The Patient Selector will let the user quickly select a patient. 
Sidebar Label: Users can highlight an entry in the sidebar using this popup menu. 
Sidebar Plus and Minus: This will allow the user to create a new entry in the sidebar or remove an existing entry. 
Sidebar Search: This will allow the user to search through the entries in the sidebar. 
Sidebar Header: This will allow the user to organize entries in the sidebar. 
Clinical SummaryThis will show the entire history of a patient’s clinical data in MacPractice.
IncidentsThis displays the clinical data that is organized into this incident. 
Patient Form: This will show the patients form. 
Registration Forms: This will show which forms are available to the patient on the office portal. 
Notes: A patient form can be dragged into a Note Template to create a note that is fully editable.
Shared Templates: The Shared Templates is a list of all available EHR templates that can be downloaded.
Templates Editor: This node will show all of the existing templates that can be edited.
Sections Editor: This node will allow the user too create new sections and make changes to existing sections. 


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