DR Ability At A Glance - Interactive

The DR Ability is where any Digital Radiography or Imaging options are managed and uploaded. This ability will allow the user to see different visits for each patient. The user can also filter by image type and image tooth number to see the patients progression.

This is an interactive image. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation. 

Patients Selector: The Patient Selector will let the user quickly select a patient.
Sidebar Label: Users can highlight an entry in the sidebar using this popup menu.
Sidebar Plus and Minus: This will allow the user to create a new entry in the sidebar or remove an existing entry.
Sidebar Search: This will allow the user to search through the entries in the sidebar.
Sidebar Header: This will allow the user to organize entries in the sidebar.
Patients with Visits: This node displays Patients who have a visit that’s been created.

Visit sidebar: This sidebar lists every visit in which the Patient has a DR visit. Every image associated with the visit will appear in the Thumbnail View.
Thumbnail View: The images that appear in the Thumbnail View are all of the images associated with the visit selected in the Visit Sidebar.
Layout Popup: This popup allows the selection of layouts that are created in the Layouts node.
Sensor Popup: This Popup will activate the sensor selected to upload new images.
Full Screen Button: This button will ensure that the Thumbnail View, the Layout Popup, and the Mount View are displayed together in full screen on the monitor.
The Mount View: This will display the appropriate Layout with all of the images from the visit selected in the Sidebar.

Images by Type: This sorts all of the images based on the Type.
Images by Tooth: This sorts all of the images based on the Tooth to which they are assigned.
Layouts: Layouts in Digital Radiography act as diagnostic views, displaying images in the Layout template format.
Shared Layouts: Layouts can be downloaded from this node.
Camera Button: The camera button can be used to take pictures with a USB camera.

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