Insurance Reports Quick Start Guide

This article lists all of the reports under the Insurance category of the Reports Ability, and summarizes their function. The Insurance reports address Insurance Claims, Insurance Payments, and sorting Patients by their Insurance information. 

Here is an overview of every Report available under Insurance.

All Insurance Claims
The All Insurance Claims report displays all insurance claims, and can be filtered to locate claims in any status.

Insurance Claims Outstanding
This Report shows all of the outstanding insurance claims that are currently open in MacPractice.

Insurance Collections
The Insurance Collections Report lists the Insurance claims which have been collected upon and those which are still awaiting payment.

Insurance Receipts
The Insurance Receipts report pulls information on the payments received from selected insurance companies that have been applied to charges in the office.

Insurance Receipts by Plan Type
This Report lists the Insurance Receipts By Plan Type.

Insurance Receipts by Procedure
This Report lists the insurance receipts for procedures.

Insurance Write-Offs
This Report lists write-offs which have been associated to Insurance Claims.

Outstanding Claims by Company
This Report lists Insurance claims with an Outstanding claim status by the Insurance company to which the claims are associated.

Patients by Insurance and Appointment Type
This Report lists patients with appointment types on appointments, sorted by the Insurance Company associated to the patient.

Patients by Insurance Carrier
This Report lists patients with a specific Insurance Company.

Patients with Multiple Coverages
This Report lists patients with more than one Insurance Carrier listed.

Patients with No Insurance
This Report lists patients without Insurance coverage listed on the patient account.

Patients with Remaining Coverages
This Report lists patients with remaining coverages listed within the Insurance record on the Patients tab within the Insurance sub-tab.

Prior Authorizations
This report lists all Prior Authorizations listed in the Prior Auth. tab of an Incident in Patients Ability > Ledger.

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