How do I update my Care Slip for ICD-10?
All care slips need to be updated from ICD-9 diagnosis codes to the corresponding ICD-10 codes. First, duplicate the record and update only the new copy of the care slip. In the Diagnosis section of the care slip, the Update to Coding Preference button should only be used if only one ICD-10 code is to be used in place of the ICD-9 code. If ICD-9 codes need to be updated to multiple ICD-10 codes, select the red minus to delete all of the existing codes. The Billing Diagnosis preference will need to be changed to select ICD-10 codes. Click the green plus to select the ICD-10 diagnosis codes that will be used in the EMR forms. Command + S will save the record once complete. For more information on the Updating the Care Slip for ICD-10, please see our ICD-10 Care Slip video or download our free Simplicity in ICD-10 iBook.

How can I contact someone about creating custom forms?
Our Template Development team offers custom templates for many MacPractice Abilities. The best way to request custom templates is by emailing with your office name, serial, contact name, and a description of the requested templates.

How do I update my Care Slip element to Diagnosis & Billing?
Any information that may have existed in the Care Slip Element in MacPractice previously for a given patient, will now appear in this element under Past Diagnoses and Problems, in the Diagnoses & Billing Element. It will replace any section that contained the Care Slip element. The may require Resizing the Section and the Element.

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