Errors FAQ

What does a full disk (Error code 28) mean?
A full disk error indicates that your hard drive is full or running out of space. You will need to create more space or obtain another drive as soon as possible so that additional backups can be created. Please consult our Low Disk Space/Full Disk Error documentation for more information.

How often do I need to create a MacPractice Backup?
We recommend creating a new backup daily, then retaining the backups on an external source at a rate of at least one per every 10 business days, month, quarter, and fiscal year. We also have several recommendations on backup media, rotation, destruction, and more. Please review the Backup Scheme documentation for more information.

What does a database error mean?
If your office has received database errors, we will need to schedule an appointment with your office to review your system. Please call MacPractice Support at 877-220-8418 and press 1 to make an appointment.

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